Augmented Reality

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What is Augmented Reality?


The importance of augmented reality (AR) is steadily growing for industrial application. Basically, with augmented reality the real environment is superimposed with virtual elements. In contrast to virtual reality (VR) the environment is not occluded.

Augmented reality is possible with various hardware categories. Using smartphones, the camera stream is shown on the display and superimposed with virtual content. More convenient solutions are possible with smartglasses. Here a display is positioned in the peripheral view of the user. This way augmented reality content is visible constantly and handsfree operation is possible for the tasks at hand.

The most sophisticated capabilities are offered by augmented reality headsets. The integrated sensors track the environment and virtual elements can be superimposed across the entire field of view. By overlaying virtual elements exactly above real objects a complete blend of virtual and real content is possible. In addition to the spatially correct positioning of elements the interaction of virtual and real elements is possible as well. The Microsoft HoloLens serves as an example for augmented reality headsets. It's internal sensors map the room and holographic elements can be placed across the room in a stable manner.

Possible Applications for AR in service and maintenance

  • Expert support with live video with transmission of Holograms.
  • Visualise specific data and models prior to deployment.
  • Show and work through step by step instructions, supported by visual examples.
  • Visual support for installation and construction of machines.
  • ...

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